Data Recovery

Lost your data? Don’t panic, there is a good chance we can get that back for you!

We can recover data from USB sticks, SD cards, Hard Drives, Mobile Phones and even specialized scenarios such as medium-large Server Raids.

No inspection fee if we cannot recover your data, all you will be charged is the courier cost to send your device back (just to cover our costs).

So what does a recovery cost? Good question, see below.

Basic Recovered Data Transfer

USB flash drives & SD cards

Phone recoveries (iPhone & Android)

Hard disk recoveries

Specialised recoveries (medium–large server RAIDs)

$150.00 + GST

$150.00–$300.00 + GST

$250.00–$450.00 + GST*

$400.00–$650.00 + GST

Contact us for a quote

Basic Recovered Data Transfer – $150.00 + GST

USB flash drives & SD cards – $150.00-$300.00 + GST

Phone recoveries (iPhone & Android) – $250.00-$450.00 + GST*

Hard disk recoveries – $400.00-$650.00 + GST

Specialised recoveries (medium–large server RAIDs) – Contact us for a quote

Note: these charges reflect the costs for successful recoveries. We never charge for unsuccessful recoveries, although very occasionally we need to charge for certain parts required even if a recovery is unsuccessful.

* Forensic recovery will be quoted independently.


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