Data Recovery

Lost your data? Don’t panic we can help!
There is nothing worse than accidently deleting precious data, or realising the hard drive in your computer has failed and you have not backed up in a while. Whatever the case we can probably help. We have partnered with a specialist data recovery company who have been able to recover thousands of bits of data off multiple devices. If for whatever reason we cannot recover and restore your data there is no charge!

Not just limited to Hard Drives.
It does not matter if your have lost info on a hard drive, a usb stick, sd card or mobile device, we have recovered successfully data off almost any device you can think of that stores information. Get in touch with us to find out more.

We have a process.
So how does this all work, its easy really. Firstly you drop your device off to us, from there we will send it to our Data Recovery Specialists. They will do a diagnosis let us know whats wrong and how much it is going to cost, you can then decided whether to go ahead or not. Once approved our specialists will repair the device long enough to extract the data off and clone the data to another good working device. From there they will copy your information to an external hard drive (provided by you, or we can provide one at a reasonable price). Then they will send us back the drive with your infomation all recovered.

What sort of pricing are we talking here?
Every case is slightly different but to give you a rough idea please see the below table.

Basic recovered data transfer$199 + GST
USB flash drives & SD cards$199–$399 + GST
Phone recoveries (iPhone & Android)$299–$499 + GST*
Hard disk recoveries$450–$695 + GST
Specialised recoveries (medium–large server RAIDs)Contact us for a quote

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